qouteNishat Chunian Ltd is one of the leading Spinning Mills in Pakistan equipped with 210,000 spindles located in 8 mills producing 85,000 tons of greige Ring-spun yarn per annum. Over the last 25 years Nishat Chunian has built its reputation by supplying quality products consistently and is well renowned globally for its exceptional service and reliability. Catering to a broad range of customers, NCL supplies yarns to Denim Weavers, Knitters, Towelers, Sheeting, Shirting, Work-wear, Apparel, Upholstery and Technical Textile manufacturers worldwide.

NCL recently set-up Asia’s most modern fully-automated spinning mill with the first ever installation of Toyota’s longest RX 300E ring-frames with 1824 spindles each; Murata Q-Pro link coner&Trutzchler back-process producing yarns of unmatched quality.

Our state of the art machinery, technical expertise& financial stability enable careful selection of best available raw material resulting in the finest quality of yarn. We strive to provide innovative products for the ever changing requirements of customers. Our major markets include Hong Kong, Mainland China, Middle East, Bangladesh and Europe.

Spinning Products 

Spinning 1NCL covers a broad range of Ring-spun yarns from Ne 6/1 – 135/1 for multiple end products & applications.

  • We are a market leader in coarse yarns including plain, Slub, Siro and Core-spun stretch yarns for denim and bottom weight fabrics.
  • We are introducing Multi fiber stretch, Multi fiber Slub and Dual CORE stretch Yarns for the dynamic needs of our buyers
  • Our fine Compact Yarns cater to high thread count Sheeting and fine quality Shirting Fabrics. We also produce yarn for work wear, technical fabrics, towels and knitted fabrics.
  • NCL produces yarns using a wide range of local and imported cottons including Supima®, Egyptian Giza®, CIS ELS, Australian, Indian Shankar, Brazilian, US, Organic & BCI cottons. NCL is Supima®, Cotton USA® and Egyptian Giza® certified; Lycra® accredited and Oeko®, GOTS & BCI certificated.
  CARDED Ne 6/1 – 30/1 100% ring-spun Pakistani, US, Australian cottons depending on customer needs.
Organic & BCI cottons also available.
Denim, Upholstery, Work-wear, Apparel, Towels, Hosiery
  COMBED Ne 14/1 – 80/1 100% cotton Pakistani, Australian, US, Brazilian, CIS ELS, Supima®, Egyptian Giza® Sheeting, Shirting, Circular Knitting, Bottom-weight fabrics, Denim, Hosiery
  COMPACT Ne 40/1 – 135/1 100% Cotton using Supima®, Egyptian Giza®, CIS ELS, Australian, US depending on 
count, end-use & client requirement
Shirting Fabrics &High Thread Count Sheeting
Ne 4.5/1 – 20/1 100% Cotton carded & combed in a wide range of slub patterns available in a wide range of cottons like Pakistani, US, Organic, BCI etc. Denim, Apparel, Upholstery, Curtains, Sweaters, Hosiery
Ne 7/1 – 30/1 100% combed & carded cotton with Lycra®, Elaspan® and Creora® based on client requirement Denim and Apparel Fabrics
  DUAL CORE Ne 7/1 – 30/1
Carded & Combed
100% Cotton with T400 in various deniers. Denim and Apparel Fabrics
Ne 7/1 – 16/1
100% Cotton Denim and Apparel Fabrics
  PLIED 2, 3, and 4 ply Our entire count range is also available in 2, 3 and 4 ply, auto-spliced and knotless Knitted as well as Woven Fabrics
  BLENDED Ne 14/1 – 80/1
Ne 10/1 – 40/1
Ne 10/1 – 30/1
Core-spun STRETCH
Polyester, Cordura® Nylon, X-static®, PearlFibre, Tencel®, CoolMax®, Seacell, Acrylic, Bamboo, Soyabean, Viscose-Rayon and Metallic Fibers in various cotton blends. Work-wear, Sport-swear, Active-wear, Denim, Towels, Curtains, Upholstery, Industrial Fabrics, Sheeting & Apparel fabrics


Spinning Machinery

Spinning 2NCL spinning facility consists of eight mills with a capacity of 210,000 spindles including 45,000 spindles with compact attachments from Toyota &Suessen; 45,000 spindles with Siro attachments; over 30,000 spindles producing Slub yarns and 20,000 spindles equipped with Core-spun stretch yarn attachments from Pinter. NCL recently added Dual Core attachments from Pinter enabling us to produce rigid-core yarns like Invista T 400® core-spun yarn.

All mills are equipped with modern Japanese and European machinery, which is regularly upgraded to make use of the latest available technology. NCL recently set-up one of the most modern automated mills (NCL 6) with Trutzschler back-process, Toyota’s longest RX 300E 1824 spindle ring frames manufactured in Japan, Murata Q-Pro Link Coner and SohlerNeuenhauser bobbin transport system from Germany. The mill is automated from Simplex to packing ensuring unmatched consistency in quality. NCL also recently acquired two units NCL 7 & 8 where renovations and machinery up-gradations are under way.

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Each of our mills is specially designed to produce a specific count range resulting in unmatched control over yarn quality.

Blow Room Trützschler Trützschler, Rieter Trützschler, Rieter Trützschler
Contamination Sorter Jossi vision shield with magic eye Vetal, Loptex
Vetal Jossi vision shield vetal, Loptex Jossi vision shield with magic eye vetal, Loptex
Card Trützschler DK 803,
Rieter C51 H,
Trützschler DK 903, Crosrol MK6
Rieter C 51 H,
Trützschler TC 03
Trützschler DK 803, 903, TC-03
Draw Frame Toyoda DX8-LT
Rieter RSB-D 30C, Rieter SB2 Trützschler TD03 Toyoda DX8, Trützschler TD03, Rieter SB2
Toyoda DYH 500 C, Rieter RSB-D 30C, RSB-51
Comber - Rieter E 7/6, E 62 Rieter E 62 Rieter E 7/6, E 62
Simplex Toyoda FL 100, FL -16
Toyoda FL-100, FL-16
Toyoda FL-100, FL-200
Toyoda FL-16
Ring Frame Toyoda RY5,RY4,EJM 128 EJM 128, 168
Toyoda RX 240 Toyoda RX-240,
Autoconer Murata Q Pro, Murata 21C, Savio Orion Murata 21 C, Savio Orion Savio Orion, Savio Polar
Murata Q Pro, Murata 21C, Savio Orion


Blow Room Trützschler Trützschler Trützschler Lap System
Contamination Sorter Jossi vision shield with magic eye Vetal
Trützschler SP-FPU - Jossi Vision Shield
Card Trützschler DK 803,
Trützschler TC-11
CROSS ROLL MK4 Trützschler TC-11
Draw Frame Rieter RSB1, DX8-LT, Rieter RSB D-30, D-35
Trützschler TD-07 & TD-08
Toyoda DYH 500C, Rieter D-22, D-45
Toyoda DYH 600, Rieter D-22
Comber - - Rieter E 7/6
Simplex Howa RME, Toyoda FL-16, FL-100
Toyoda FL-200 Toyoda FL-16 Toyoda FL-16
Ring Frame Howa UA 33F, EJM 128 Toyoda RX 300
Toyoda RY4
FA506 (China)
Autoconer Murata 21C, Savio Orion Murata Q Pro
Murata 21C, Savio Orion Murata 21 C, Savio Orion