Compliance 2Nishat Chunian Group is strongly committed to minimizing the adverse processing effects on the environment. Nishat Chunian has Caustic recovery as well as a Waste Water Treatment System.

Caustic Recovery

Reduces the overall environmental impact by recycling the caustic material used in fabric processing. This set up not only reduces the emission of pollutants in waste water but also provides cost savings in chemical and water recovery as well as energy savings through the recovery of hot water. It reduces water usage and the need to manufacture these chemicals, which further reduces emissions.

Waste Water Treatment

In our efforts to make the lives of our employees safe and more enriching, we have set up a Water Effluent Plant at our Dyeing & Printing unit. This plant recycles the water to reduce the effluent load in to the drainage system, thereby not only ensuring security for our employees but also for the society at large.